Albertos Mexican Food Stanton CA

You can contact Alberto’s Mexican Food in Staton California by mail or phone. You can also visit our restaurant location. Below is the contact information.

albertos mexican food stanton ca
Albertos Mexican Food Stanton CA – Flyer information

Business Days & Hours:

Saturday 7AM - 4AM
Sunday 7AM - 12AM
Monday 7AM -1AM
Tuesday 7AM -1AM
Wednesday 7AM - 1AM
Thursday 7AM - 1AM
Friday 7AM - 4AM

Restaurant Address

8040 Chapman Ave
Stanton CA 90680

Click map for driving directions. It will open Google maps on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Tip: Make sure your GPS is turn on. This will give you more accurate driving directions from your mobile device.

Map Albertos Mexican Food Stanton California
Map Albertos Mexican Food Stanton California

Restaurant Phone Number


Phone Orders Welcome! Tap the phone number from your smart phone to call us!

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